In a pastoral studio in Ramat Hasharon, I design and goldsmith for the last 30 years, original handcrafted jewelry that adorn both women and men in Israel and abroad (USA and Australia). 

Jewelry design for me is not work but a great pleasure that allows me to share my passion and creativity with loving and appreciating audiences. 

Displayed In my studio is a continuously changing collection of a variety of gold and silver jewelry in unique, custom made designs. 

I combine classic jewelry techniques with current trends in jewelry design, obtaining inspiration from nature, geometry, exotic countries, and personal experiences. 

My collection of jewelry consists of rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and gold / silver bracelets imbedded with semi-precious stones. 

In some of the jewelry I combine both gold and silver in assorted carats (9, 14, 24 carats) and colors. 

I insist on carefully selecting only natural gemstones and hence each jewel has its unique look thanks to the natural raw material from which the stone has been polished. 

Personal jewelry design 
happily, my design world has no boundaries and hence, it allows you to plan and create your extraordinary, personal piece of jewelry with me, especially for you. 

A significant part of my clients, visits me right before an event, a holiday or a party and together we design just the right jewel to fit the appropriate purpose and attire. 

Lately, I am part of a fascinating process in which men order their own personally designed jewelry for their spouses. 

Each piece is created for you by hand with uncompromising quality. 

I invite you to visit the studio, coordinated in advance, and if you have a special idea for a piece for yourselves

or you have a dream to design a personal piece of jewelry for someone you love, - contact me and I'd be happy to realize your dream. 

Yours Michal Rocheli.